R410A,R22,R404A-60″ HOSES


A/C Manifold Gauge with Brass Body for Refrigerant R410a, R22, R404a
Hose Set 1-Red, 1-Yellow, 1-Blue 60″ inches long
Gauges read pressure for Refrigerants R410A, R22, and R404A
2-Valves Brass Manifold with 2.5″ Gauges for easy reading with color coded gauges and boots for added protection.
Quick action valve 1/2 turns open/closed.

Hoses working pressure 800 psi and burst pressure 4000 psi.

Temperature Scale Fahrenheit

This set does not include 1/4″ Male SAE X 5/16″ Female SAE adapter that may be needed for some import R410a A/C Equipments.

The patented Uniweld forged brass body is manufactured with reseatable Teflon valve stem packing for durability and leak-proof reliability. It is user friendly and accurate.
– Limited Pointer Flutter™, easy-to-read 2-1/2” gauges with color coded refrigerant scales and color coded gauge boots
– Metal (not plastic) hand wheels
– Extended valve stems for ample knuckle clearance
– Quick action valve assembly for 1/2 turn fully open or fully closed
– Convenient 45º front hose holders
– Soft Magic® high pressure hoses

Additional information

Weight 3.00 lbs
Dimensions 13.75 × 11.87 × 3.43 in